Organizational Effectiveness

Beyond the organization chart

We measure the networks of informal relationships between people and groups, to understand and bring to light how organizations really work.

The ONA (Organizational Network Analysis) allows to map:

  • communication and collaboration flows
  • dissemination of knowledge
  • innovation centers
  • influence for or against change
  • existence of barriers and concentrations of information or activities
  • system fragility

A new picture of the organization

Our tools

Network Centrality (Active ONA)

Survey of 3 / 7 customizable questions.
Gives back:

  • To the organization: mapping of relationship networks from different points of view (influence, knowledge, customer management and more)
  • To people: individual relationship mapping and development advice

Cognitive Talent Solutions (Passive ONA)

Continuous discovery that collects objective data, interfacing with collaboration tools
Gives back mapping of relationships and insights at an aggregate level