Quint provides deep and reliable information about the potential of people and informal networks, to enable organizations to:

Identify and develop talent

We create awareness of people's potential for development, we provide data to make decisions

Building high- performing teams

We design effective and efficient selection processes, collect data on available talent and measure informal collaboration networks

Increase collaboration and innovation

We identify and value entrepreneurial talent, to facilitate innovation and transformation processes in work groups

Embrace change

We measure the organization's potential in times of merger, acquisition or rapidly changing market conditions

Improve results

We provide data and information that capture reality, identify development potential and open up new prospects for improvement

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Deeper Signals is transforming how people work and collaborate. Using quick, scientific and tech-enabled psychometric assessments, they provide every employee with the feedback to unlock performance.

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Pico© is a unique application from Quint that collects, integrates and analyzes data from various sources about people and the organization, presenting it in simple and engaging presentations.

  • Collects data about people and networks
  • Facilitates thorough and consistent interpretation
  • It allows statistical analyzes that lead to the root of the phenomena
  • It supports selection, development, micro -organization decisions
  • Allows monitoring of the results of the actions taken
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From an accurate data analysis comes the path that allows continuous adaptation to changes and new opportunities. Developing and choosing talent, reducing points of weakness and expanding areas of innovation are the keys to the future of any organization. Yours too.

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