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Explore the networks that make your organization work

70% of the value-added work is done in the informal networks of the organization.

Those networks is what you DON’T see when you look at a traditional, hierarchical organizational chart

The importance of collaboration across organizational boundaries has been rising dramatically in the last 20 years

Such collaboration is carried out in those informal networks.

Organizational network analysis

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a method to study and visualize how communications, information, and decisions flow through an organization.

ONA can reveal which people and units are cooperating to get work done.

ONA can make it easier to establish organizational structures that position employees where they can deliver the most impact.

ONA helps identifying the natural leaders that need to be on board if change and transformation initiatives have to achieve their intended objectives.

Organizational network analysis

  • Increase operational effectiveness by building an organization that is structured to increase collaboration and exchange of information between the right people.
  • Transform organizations in a smarter way by identifying formal and informal leaders who can be counted on to facilitate change and help accelerate the realization of transformation benefits.
  • Use talent more effectively by minimizing role confusion and redundancy.

A three-step project

  1. Unveil the existing relationships and behaviors embedded in the informal organization.
  2. Collect quick wins deriving from the evidences produced by the new analytics.
  3. Redesign the organization, where needed

Insights about people

Ideas generation


Insights about teams



Insights about the organization



Real-time outcomes

Visual maps and quantitative indexes at individual, team, unit and company level.