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Awareness and development, at scale

Self-awareness enables people to understand how their behaviors impact others, to identify own strengths, weaknesses and development needs, to plan and execute development by consciously working on behavioral change.

By increasing awareness of individuals’ characteristics and potential, organizations gain powerful insights into team dynamics and a global, meaningful view of talent at all levels.

Deeper Signals

We are not in the business of calling someone you are this type or that type.

We are in the business of helping people truly understand themselves and interpreting data in the service of them as human beings.

Increase self-awareness and personalize development at scale

People analytics to lead transformation and change

Powerful insights into team dynamics for leaders at every level of the organization

Quick potential diagnosis for internal and external candidates

Core diagnostics

Core Drivers

Measures the six behavioral dispositions more predictive of performance.

Candid Considerate
Flexible Disciplined
Reserved Outgoing
Laid-back Driven
Passionate Stable
Pragmatic Curious

Core Values

Measures values and motivational drivers for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Learning Intuition
Principles Expedience
Relationships Independence
Change Tradition
Humility Power
Leisure Achievement

Assessment for the modern organization

10 minutes to complete each test

Beautifully designed, human-centered experiences

Scientifically validated and unbiased insights

Instant and on-demand talent feedback

Conversational, easy to understand language

Develop talent across the enterprise


Individual reports

individual reports
  • Interactive and practical
  • Instantly available
  • Conversational language
  • Personalized digital coaching
  • “Learning Journey”: nudges and activities to grow talent

Analytics to manage talents and build teams

Insight & Analytics

Gain real insights at the individual, group and organizational level

Design & Compare

Drag and drop individuals into different teams and compare their profiles

Data-driven insights to improve people analytics

Use real-time analytics and report dashboards to deeply understand your talent.

De-bias your talent decisions using objective and scientific data

Gain unparalleled insight into your teams, departments and functions

Dynamicalli build high-performing teams and fit for purpose succession plans

Run your own workflows and build custom dashboards to make data-driven talent decisions